Helping You Become a Better, More Fit and Well Rounded Person

The Health-Wealth Lifestyle was designed to assist in helping you become more rounded and a better all-around person.   I believe there are only three main areas of happiness in life.  If you have one, you are good, have two, you are doing great.  However, attain all three and there is no limit to your happiness and personal prosperity.

Health:  Very important.  Everyone knows this.  Physical health and internal health.  Strength, overall fitness and flexibility.  Also, internal health as it relates to eating good, whole food that your body can use as fuel.  I always try to remind myself that “food is fuel.”  Of course, food is fun.  We just have to limit the fun.  There are so many schools of thought about which diet or eating plan is the best.  Low carb, paleo, high protein, high calorie, low calorie, South Beach and on and on and on.  I’ll share what I’ve done and what has worked for me and what I’ve personally seen work for others.

Wealth:  I’m far from monetarily wealthy,   However, I’m doing some really good things that are getting us ahead.  I’m trying to learn as much as I can so that I can keep improving and save and preserve what we’ve gained so far.  There are some great personal finance programs that teach how to more wisely use the money you already make.  This should be learned and mastered before moving on to trying to invest or start a business.

Lifestyle:  My main focus is helping people, particularly beginners, get started with a fitness lifestyle.  But, lifestyle as it relates to clothes, fashion and the way to carry yourself and how to best utilize your abilities and gifts, is something I’m always learning and trying to improve upon.  Of course, I’ll share whatever I learn and experience.  So things are easy for me; no man buns and no bell bottom jeans.  However, there are more in wide-ranging areas of lifestyle that could be something like best wine to take to a party or should you buy leather or suede when looking for furniture.  I’m no lifestyle expert but will share what works for me and what I think works for you.

My main focus has always been to help people get started with an exercise program and help get them in the mindset to stick with it.  I have seen way too many personal trainers and fitness experts leading beginners in the wrong direction that may not be necessarily incorrect, but definitely incorrect for where someones current fitness level stands.  In other words, personal trainers love to innovative, but sometimes that is too difficult and taxing for beginners.  You can never go wrong with basic tried and true exercises.