Aroma Rice Cooker Review

I've been eating rice pretty much my whole life.  One of my favorite dishes is chicken and rice with soy sauce.  I've always eaten instant or minute rice.  Once I started being more aware of what I was eating, I decided to start eating whole kernel rice.  

Rice is not easy to make.  I was never satisfied with how my rice turned out.  You have to boil it for about 45 minutes and it always seemed to turn out mushy.  I decided to get a rice cooker.

What I Like About the Aroma Cooker

  • It's simple to use.  
  • It has a 2 to 1 liquid to rice ratio
  • There are setting for white rice and brown rice
  • It has a steamer basket for vegetables
  • The Aroma rice cooker pot is removable for easy cleaning
  • Rice cooks great even if you put a little too much water
  • The Aroma rice cooker manual is simple and easy to follow
  • The measuring cup makes it easy to get the ratios you want
Aroma Rice Cooker Review

Aroma Rice Cooker: How to Cook Brown Rice

This basic recipe is quite tasty.  I happened upon it partly by accident.  I thought I was adding garlic powder to the pot.  It turned out to be onion powder.

Add to pot:

1 part brown rice
2 1/2 parts liquid ( broth works well, but add a little water to compensate for the thickness of the broth)
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
a good dash of salt
a good dash of onion powder
turn on the cooker and select brown rice

Aroma Rice Cooker Review

Meal Prep Made Easy

Rice is a staple in my meal prep because it's easy to make and I like eating it.  You can make several servings at once and portion it out.


  • Rice cooked with broth instead of water.  Meat drippings are good also.
  • Add some salsa to the rice mixture to create a Spanish style rice
  • Add some Cajun spice and smoked sausage to make a Cajun style meal
  • Put a beaten egg and a packet of fried rice seasoning, and some frozen vegetables in the  pot to make fried rice
Chicken and Rice

Aroma Rice Cooker: Instructions White Rice

1. Turn power on
2. Add 1 part white rice
3. Add 2 parts water or other liquid
4. 1-2 tablespoons olive oil
5. Salt
6. Onion powder
7. Close lid
8. Press white rice button
9. Machine will beep when done
10. Stir and serve

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