Old School New Body Day One

I've done the Old School New Body workout before.   I just started back yesterday morning and I wanted to review and describe the workout and how it makes me feel and any positives and/or negatives that I see.   I don't think every workout routine is perfect.  That's OK, because every workout can be modified to your liking. There are also several workouts within this program.  There is a toning workout, a dumbbell only workout, an advanced workout and a few others.  I'm doing the advanced workout right now. 

You can substitute for exercises that you don't like or feel comfortable doing.  I think most programs are just fine, but there are always a few exercises that I just don't like.  This one didn't have any that I didn't like.  

Yesterday mornings workout was Chest, Back and Abs.  This is a classic combination that many of the programs out there follow.  You'll also hear this workout called a push pull workout.  You do pushing movements to work your chest and pulling movements to work your back.  I like the tempo with this program.  I've designed many programs over the years for friends and for myself.  They have been effective, but sometimes can get too routine.  I'm always up for following someone's program.  The sequencing is different and the tempo is different than what I'm used to.  Different is good for improvement.

Old School New Body

There are three exercises for the chest with a total of eleven sets.   This is a good number of sets and with three exercises you get some good variety.  Because the tempo, rest periods, and progressions are different than what I'm used to, I used a lighter weight than normal.   With this program, my recent weights would be too much.   I might have gone too light, but I wanted to see the whole workout through and see if the weights were too light or too heavy.  I also want to see how I feel tomorrow and the next day.  I'll monitor my soreness and get a gauge on how much stress this one puts on me.

I like how I've done all these chest exercises in the past, but have not done them too recently.  Knowing how to do them is good, but not having done them in a while means it is new stimuli and that's good also.  My chest is a weak part of my body and I want to see how it will respond to this program.  

The back portion has 20 sets and it covers 6 exercises.  This looks like a lot of back work, but it didn't take too long to go through it.  The 40 second rest between sets keeps the pace moving.  I see and have seen many people over the years rest for too long between sets.  Historically, I've rested 30-45  seconds between sets. Different programs require different rest periods.  For example, power lifters might rest 5 minutes between heavy sets of their big lifts.  The general fitness population doesn't need nearly that much rest. 

I like how the six exercises target different areas of your back.  The variety keeps you from getting bored.  Boredom in the weight room can happen when you've been doing the same program for a while or if you do the same exercises over and over.  Sometimes I'll do, for example, machine chest press for about 10 sets.  I've done this when the gym is packed, when I'm working around an injury or soreness and also when I'm just not that into the workout, but I want to keep doing something.  I don't recommend that many sets, I'm just saying I've done it before.  However, if you do that over and over, you'll limit yourself because of lack of variety.

The ab work was old school leg raises and sit-ups.  These are the two exercises that I have been doing for the last few weeks so that part is good for me.  I like these two exercises and feel like they should be the foundation to all ab routines.  Many people just do crunches and those can work you and fatigue your midsection, I think a full range is harder to do, but you can feel the improvement after a few weeks.  

What I liked about this workout:
A good tempo that moves at the right speed.  Not too much waiting or too little recovery.
A nice pace from exercise to exercise.
Good variety with the back exercises. Dumbbell and cable exercises.
The program is written so that it's easy to follow, as in reading it from the sheet and not having to do a math equation to find out what the next exercise sequence is.
The sequencing is good progression from one exercise to the next

What I didn't like as much (doesn't mean it's a dislike):
There were no pull-ups for the back portion (many beginners can't do them so that's not a problem)
The reps on the 2 ab exercises were a bit low for me, but for a beginner they would be about right

Overall this workout was challenging enough and I had fun doing it.  Right now I'm feeling like I have some new soreness since yesterday.  My upper/middle back is more sore than I've felt before.  That means I had some weakness in that area and this routine targeted it.  

I'm looking forward to reviewing the leg workout I did this morning.  Stay tuned.

More info about Old School New Body here.

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