Old School New Body Day Two

Yesterday's workout was legs (quads, hamstrings and calves).  Continuing with my review of Old School New Body (advanced phase) and noting how I feel as well as anything that specifically catches my eye.  If you missed day one, check it out here.  I'm feeling an overall mild soreness in my legs and that is a good thing.

Nine total exercises.  Four for quads, two for hamstrings, and three for calves.  Thirty four total sets.  This seems like almost too much, but it only took about an 50-60 minutes.   That is the time I have each day so it was good for me.  If you are more pressed for time, there are some other workouts in the program.  Including a 20 minute workout, a shape workout and total dumbbell workout that can be done at home.

It starts with quads. 

Squats and leg extensions.  Squats are not my favorite exercise and never have been. However, they are an effective lower body exercise.  There are 11 sets for quads.  

Once I was done with quads I, could already sense a slight amount of soreness coming on.   I worked them in a sequence and with a load, and rest pattern that I haven't done before.  

Again, new work and new exercises performed in a way that you aren't used to will be good for you.   New challenges to your body so it can't adapt.  My favorite of the three quad exercises was the leg extension, because that's a good leg exercise when your're feeling lazy.  I did not like the Sissy Squats.  I feel funny doing it since it's not a traditional exercise.  I substituted another exercise for it.

The most effective feeling exercise was the squat.  I didn't go heavy at all.  I don't normally do squats so I wanted to take it slow.  Even though I'm doing the advanced workout, it can still be adapted to beginners.  

Squats can be dangerous so make sure you don't use too much weight, even if you feel like you can do more.  It's always a good idea to go through new exercises and programs with lighter weights at first so that you can see how your body adapts and how it feels the next day and the day after.  

Next, were the hamstring exercises. 

The leg curl is my favorite one of these.  My gym has the lying or prone leg curl machine and I used a medium amount of weight.  This program calls for the same weight through each set.

If you start with a weight and you get to the end of your sets and you can still do the exercises, then it's time to increase the weight.  This program lays it out in an easy to follow manner.  Easy to read, no guess-work as to which exercise is next and how much weight to use.  

I've never been very flexible, so my hamstrings are starting to feel a bit tight.  This is normal and will improve as you adapt.

Old School New Body

For calves, there were 3 exercises and 11 total sets.

I've never done this much calf work before nor have I done three different exercises for calves at one time. This has me walking around with a gait that is not normal since I'm tying to compensate.  

You can stretch your calves on most machines while doing them.  You simply get in the stretch or starting position and let the weight do the stretch for you.   It's always a good idea to stretch your calves after you're done.   I don't stretch much after workouts, but I do stretch my calves after I"m done working them.  

So far so good with this workout.  I'm a little sore which is normal and good.   I'm feeling like my body is going to get some good, new stimuli in the next few weeks as I adapt.  

There were no exercises that I couldn't do.  But there are options if you need to substitute one that you don't feel comfortable doing or just don't like.   Leg exercises take more out of you than other body parts because you are working a larger muscle group and they take more oxygen and they take more energy to get them moving.

Update:  I'm pretty sore 48 hours later.  I recommend going slow with light weights even if it seems easy.  Give your body a chance to feel the full effects of this workout.  Once you know how you respond, then you can adjust the weights accordingly.  It might take doing this workout 2-3 times before you feel comfortable with it.  

The Old School New Body program offers something for every fitness level, including beginners.  

There are so many options out there.  Whichever one you choose, just stick with it for at least 4-6 weeks so you can really adapt to it and see how it feels.

You can read more about Old School New Body here.

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