Old School New Body Workout Day Four

I finished the fourth and final workout of the week for the advanced workout, Old School New Body, yesterday.  It circled back around to hitting the chest, legs, and back for the second time this week.  There was a time several years ago where I worked each body part only once per week.  I liked it, but maybe because I was slightly lazy.  Now, I like working each body part twice per week.  

Also, in the past, I've done the exact same workout for both workouts during the week.  In other words (just to keep it simple), if I did 3 sets of 10 reps for chest and did three exercises, I would repeat the same sets and exercises for the next workout later in the week.  In fact, I would do the same chest workout week after week.

This one, changes the second workout up from the first workout early in the week to the second workout later in the week.

Leg workout #2:

This one gives you a choice for the first exercise between dead lifts and squats.  Here is where modification comes in; I don't like barbell squats and dead lifts first thing in the morning as your first exercise does not sound fun.  I went with dumbbell squats instead.  These are still very challenging for me.  I used light weight and concentrated on my form.  I'm 6'4" so doing exercises where I have to lower myself down in some fashion is hard because it seems to take for ever. 

Even though this one starts with a leg exercise as the very first one, you have to wait until the end of the workout, after chest and back to do more leg exercises.

It closes with leg extensions and calf raises.  I'm not sure why it circles back around, but it didn't bother me.  I just followed along knowing that I was about to be done for the day and the week.

Old School New Body

Chest workout #2:

The first chest workout called for traditional chest exercises like bench press and bench fly's.  This one has some known, but lesser used chest exercises like; decline dumbbell press and incline dumbbell fly's.  I've talked about different stimuli before and this one gives it to you.  As stated before, you're not repeating the same workout as earlier in the week.   

There is a slight learning curve.  For example, the decline press takes some extra care and balance to get into position.  There are two main ways to get this one down.  The first is to use a very light weight so that it's easier to get into position and of course see how your body reacts moving forward.  The second way is to get into position and let a buddy hand you the dumbbells and spot you.  

This chest workout has 3 exercises and 11 sets.  I didn't have as much soreness today as I did earlier in the week.  I like the overall routine of this chest sequence and the exercises were definitely challenging.  Remember, though, you can make the same workout easier or harder just by the weights you use.  You can also substitute out exercises that you don't feel comfortable doing.

Back workout #2:

This one had a mixture of balance and skill exercises.  The one that requires the most care, would be the dumbbell pullover.  This one is where you put your upper back perpendicular to a bench and hold a weight over your head and move it away from your torso and then back up again.  I've done these before, but don't do them much.  They also target your chest and chest cavity.   

The back portion has 5 exercises and 16 sets.  That is great variety and great work.  Cable and dumbbell work, these exercises are easy to follow and safe to perform.  There is a bit of a learning curve, but I don't think it should be difficult for most people.

Mild soreness this morning from these exercises.  One thing to note is that one workout doesn't tell the whole story.   The story is like a book, there are chapters and you must keep "reading" or just keep following along.  As you do a workout time after time and week after week, you then see the soreness subside and your strength and function should be improving.  Commit to it for a number of weeks so you can monitor your progress.

A few months ago I started doing 5 sets of 25 incline sit-ups.  This was difficult at first because I was doing more crunches.  These are old school sit-ups.  Every week that went by, I noticed it getting easier and I could do each set faster and with less breaks.  If I had given up after one workout or one week, I wouldn't have seen that improvement.

There is a very specific tempo with this workout and it's definitely one that you have to focus on so you don't go too fast.  You'll also have to use less weight, but you'll feel it working your muscles just fine.

Overall a good week of working out and following the Old School New Body advanced program.  I was sore this morning all over, but nothing too bad.  I'm going to see how I feel in the next few days, but I have a feeling just like always the soreness will go away and I'll start back on Monday.  I'll report more if I think it will be beneficial.

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