Reiki Master Online Training Course

What is Reiki?

The Japanese healing art. In simple terms, Reiki uses spiritual energy pathways to channel healing alignment throughout the body.  When the energy paths are disrupted, the body can become misaligned and exhibit signs and symptoms of fatigue and poor health.  Reiki is not affiliated nor did it originate from any religion.  It exists in the realm of mind, body, and spirit.

You can learn, practice, and teach Reiki and bring about your body’s most aligned, complete and comfortable internal energy.

Reiki online training courses included in  one program:

Reiki level 1 online training
Reiki level 2 online training
Reiki master online training
*essentially one complete course that is completed all at once


Reiki online training course


  • This is a Reiki master training course.
  • Reiki training classes are not needed. You don’t need to spend money traveling or paying for lodging to attend classes.
  • Reiki training courses can be very expensive, but not this online program.
  • Reiki training online is very comprehensive, effective, and affordable.

Reiki online training course

  • Reiki healing training can be a great addition to your holistic health approach.
  • Reiki teacher training can be used to improve your own health and well-being as well as those around you.
  • This Reiki master training cost is very affordable.
  • Online Reiki training versus attending a class is very affordable and very efficient. You learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.
  • We believe this is the best Reiki training on the market when you factor in the cost, efficiency, and flexibility.


5 Reasons why Reiki Training Online is better than attending a Reiki Class

Many people interested in learning to use Reiki energy healing often wonder whether Reiki training online works as well as learning Reiki in a face to face group class. The wonderful thing about this powerful spiritual healing method is that anyone can learn regardless of age or health. Young kids as well as the elderly and in between all stand to benefit from learning Reiki. The simplicity of Reiki means it can be taught in different methods, all of them just as effective. Why is Reiki training online the best way to learn?

1.  Convenience
Reiki clinics and classes are usually located in major cities. This means someone in the rural areas will have some difficulty accessing a Reiki class regularly. This brings in the question of costs and fatigue, which can end up beating the purpose of the training.
Online training brings in convenience. It is possible to learn at your own pace whenever you have free time. You can do it early in the morning before work, or before going to bed, or whenever it suits you.

2.  Self-paced
One of Dr. Usui’s observations in his days working among the poor of Kyoto was that there was no standard application that would suit all his clients with the same results. Being a spiritual-based healing method, different people have different pace at which they respond to the training.
With online training, one can learn Reiki without feeling the pressure of moving along before fully understanding and adapting the principles. This is unlike group classes where the teacher will move along for the benefit of the majority.

3.  Perfecting attunement
While the first degree of Reiki relies on healing touch, the second and third degrees enable healing through attunement or mental connection. Online training can help students perfect the principle of attunement. This will help the learner practice the principle in a better fashion than would be possible when having the teacher in close proximity.

4.  Different lineages
Traditionally, Reiki teaching is done in a master and student fashion. The pioneer Reiki teacher in the US, Dr. Takata, left over 22 students. Each of these students went on to practice Reiki with modifications of their own and so on. This means that a learner stands to benefit more with Reiki training online as it is possible to learn from different masters.

5.  More learning material

In a Reiki group class, the student can only access what the teacher knows and teaches. With online training, one can access more learning material to expand knowledge and insights.
While learning Reiki in a face to face class has been effective and proven, learning online is just as effective with the added advantages.

5 Benefits of Reiki Training

Reiki is a simple but powerful healing concept which uses life force energy to keep the body healthy. The word comes from Japanese ‘Rei’ or higher power, and ‘ki’ or life force which combined loosely translates to healing by the higher power of life’s energy force. Ki is an elemental force present in all of life’s living organisms. In humans, there is the added aspect of spirituality which enables an individual to connect to the universe higher power. What are the benefits of Reiki training?

1.  Manage changing moods and depression
Reiki helps manage negative moods by infusing the body with positive energy. This counters negative emotions like anger and anxiety which can lead to depression if not well managed. This positivity brought on by Reiki training rejuvenates the spirit and makes it easier to have a positive outlook in life.

2.  Better mind-body balance
Today’s busy schedules, tight deadlines and multitasking come with huge stressors putting the body on the stress-reactive fight or flight mode. This brings a body-mind imbalance that prevents effective rest that should be available in the body’s parasympathetic rest-digest mode which enables flushing out toxins and cell rejuvenation. Reiki helps the body achieve this balance enabling the body to do simple repairs to daily wear and tear. More benefits of Reiki Training below.

3.  Better grounding
In today’s social media heavy world, it is easy to get distracted by illusions and misrepresented images. This comes from unwarranted desires to live flashy lives like on social media and TV. This also comes with regrets of the past, and anxieties of the future. These regrets can make an individual stuck in reverse gear, while anxieties can make one do things like stealing in the false hope of making the future better. Other benefits of Reiki Training:
Reiki calms the mind freeing one from the chains of the past and anxieties of the future. You will keep doing what needs to be done effectively with better grounding.

4.  Better sleep
Reiki training brings on deep relaxation which helps induce better sleep. This is very important for the body as it is during sleep that the body is able to do its usual cell repair. Better sleep also has added advantages in putting the mind at calm, and better moods, and higher mental functioning. One is able to perform more productively and relate better with others.

5.  Compliment conventional medicine
It has been seen that people undergoing Reiki treatment while healing using conventional medicine are able to heal faster. The positive attitude brought on by Reiki translates into real physical benefits with faster healing.
The benefits of Reiki training are evident. The good thing is that Reiki is for everyone, both young and old.


History and Origins of Reiki Training

The origins of the spiritual healing practice of Reiki are a bit hazy apart from the fact that it is largely attributed to Mikao Usui. But Reiki training practitioners and historians all agree that Reiki’s healing became widespread starting the early 20th century.
Reiki training before Usui

Reiki researchers Hiroshi Doi Sensei and from Toshitaka Mochitzuki Sensei reckon that there were at least four other styles of Reiki in practice before Usui. The earliest mentions of Reiki date back to 1914 with a style called Reiki Ryoho developed by a Japanese therapist named Matiji Kawakami. He published a book titled Reiki Healing and Its Effects, or Reiki Ryoho to Sono Koka.
Other styles in practice were Reikan Tonetsu Ryoho created by Reikaku Ishinuki, Senshinryu Reiki Ryoho created by Kogetsu Matsubara and Seido Reishojutsu created by Reisen Oyama. In 1922, Usui had his mystical experience which led him to develop his healing style known as Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Dr. Usui’s Work
Dr. Usui was a Buddhist practitioner who was interested in alternative forms of healing apart from western medicine. This was a quest that took him on a spiritual journey to the mountains of Kori Yama. Here, Usui fasted for 21 days and finally attained a mystical experience from which he developed his spiritual healing style which he named Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Usui spent the next 7 years working among the less fortunate in Kyoto, Japan. He opened a Reiki training clinic at which he also instructed some pupils. Each of his clients was instructed according to his/her spiritual needs. This clinic remained open until 1940.

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Hayashi was a retired naval officer who became Usui’s student in 1925 for 10 months before Usui died. After the death of Usui, Hayashi fine-tuned Reiki practices like hand healing positions and attunement.

Dr. Hayayo Takata
Takata became a student of Hayashi in the period 1936-1938, after getting healed for gallstones and appendicitis. She went on to open a Reiki clinic in Hawaii where she also taught Reiki. Her 22 students went on to make Reiki widespread.

Although Reiki healing is largely identified with Dr. Mikao Usui, it must also be considered that Reiki energy has been used for thousands of years, and like all forms of energy has existed since the beginning of time.

Usui’s Reiki healing style is proven to work and has developed practices and spiritual exercises to make attaining healing faster. But anyone can make use of Reiki healing with the right guidance and practice.

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Note: the above is for informational purposes only, use at your own discretion and with a doctor’s approval.