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Isagenix reviews – My experience

You’ve heard about Isagenix products and now you want to read Isagenix reviews.  You are wondering about the products and if they work or not for cleansing and weight loss. I personally did not want to lose weight, I just wanted to get more fit, more toned and of course as ripped as possible. I’m not there yet but I have seen great results so far. When I heard about the Isagenix 9 day cleanse and the Isagenix 30 day cleanse, it got me thinking; maybe I’m going about my fitness all wrong. What if I first did a cleanse and then worked on my fitness?  I started with the 9 day cleanse so that I could maybe  get my body to better absorb nutrients that would lead to better health and fitness.  These are my Isagenix results pictures.  Isagenix results are hard to not be excited about. As you can see from my pictures, I am seeing some bulking results from the overall program.  I feel that after the 9 day cleanse and adding in the Isalean shake combined with the Isagenix diet, my body is absorbing nutrients so much better and so much more efficiently.  That is the main reason for the 9 and 30 day cleanse, to rid your body of all the junk so that it performs optimally.  Now, Isagenix shakes and protein powder are a part of my daily routine. Hopefully, my next round of Isagenix results pictures will show even better results.

Isagenix Isalean Results Pictures

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Think you can’t afford Isagenix? You can. Since better health is your goal, you’ve got to eliminate as much of the bad stuff as you can.  Not all of it, but try to eliminate 80% of it. Why not all? You’ve got to have some fun.

  1. Add up the monthly cost of all your treats; candy, junk, treats, Starbucks, beer, wine, tobacco, etc.
    2. Take that amount and this is what you have to work with. All you’ve done is redistribute your money into a healthier you. No additional expense! Boom!

What are the Isagenix prices and what does it cost? Click here or any picture to get more info.

What are the Isagenix side effects?  I did not have any negative side effects personally.  I would only recommend reading the ingredient list and contacting your doctor for more guidance.  Also, each Isagenix product has more in-depth product information on the main website.




Does the Isagenix business work? It works for many.  I’m not trying to recruit reps. I joined for the products and for the discount.  However, so many people have asked me about them, I am just sharing how anyone can buy the products for themselves.  The products are shipped directly to you from Isagenix and they handle all customer service.  If you like the products and want to save money, then I recommend joining just for the discounts. You can join here.  Keep in mind, I will not contact you to sell products or to recruit reps or to attend meetings and conferences. I won’t bother you in any way.  If you join through me, you are joining just to get a discount on the great products.

Does Isagenix have specific workout program? You can use whatever program you like. Click here to get info on this amazing fitness program that I use called the MI40 program by Ben Pakulski. It is the only one that has ever given me real results.  From what I have heard, it is very similar to the Kai Greene bodybuilding workout and the Mike O’Hearn workout that they used early in their careers.  Maybe it’s the fact that it is done in conjunction with the 9 day cleanse and Isalean Pro, but I love it and have seen great results.


Is Isagenix good for weight loss?  The majority of people who use Isagenix products are using them for weight loss.  However, I would not call it quick weight loss or extreme weight loss, but more of a slow sustained weight loss. Weight loss supplements and weight loss shakes can be very helpful in assisting with you reaching your goals.


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