Sisel Intrepid Eye Bag and Wrinkle Remover

Sisel Intrepid is 100% Non-Toxic just like all Sisel Products

If you have eye bags or wrinkles under your eyes that you want to get rid of, then you have to try Intrepid.

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See the pictures below for real and amazing results:

Sisel Intrepid Eye Bag and Wrinkle Remover

Sisel International Eye Bag and Wrinkle Remover

 Intrepid wrinkle and eye bag remover

Click here to go to my online store and read more about Intrepid

Sisel Intrepid Wrinkle and Eye bag remover

From the desk of Tom Mower, Founder and Owner of Sisel International:

If there was ever a moment in time for you to work with a Fearless & Furious pace more anything you have ever done before….that time…is now!!!

I wish you more than just much success. Through Sisel I am offering you a future like no other that you may have or would be possible, with another company or in another field. This I truly do believe.

The Sisel INTREPID skin care products I have demonstrated has distributors and potential customers so crazy, berserk, insanely motivated about it. These are the best words I can find to describe it and it is all that and more. Some distributors have gone on Facebook and social media and within a day and gotten hundreds of people wanting to order it now! Many are not even distributors or friends but total strangers. It’s because they have copies of before and after pictures that I did on distributors at meetings and they’re stunning! A couple of the top leaders had to shut down their Facebook sites because they had so many people wanting that they could not handle the volume at this time.

A couple of the top leaders had to shut down their Facebook sites because they had so many people wanting that they could not handle the volume at this time.  Sisel International’s Intrepid is sure to be one of the best eye bag and wrinkle removers.

The INTREPID products are for removal within 30 minutes of eye bags, deep wrinkles, creases on the forehead, deep lines on the face, lip lines too and YES for those unsightly crow’s feet. Sisel INTREPID is so very effective, lasting for 24 hours or more.

In about 10 minutes it removes 80 to 90% of the eye bag or wrinkles and within an hour they’re almost entirely or essentially gone. It’s a two-step process of putting on an INTREPID base and rubbing it in well enough to have it in good contact with the skin but leaving a constricting film on the surface that is unseen. Then it is immediately followed be applying INTREPID activator gel. Their combination starts a reaction to take place in two or three minutes first with a slight feel of tightening which continues on continually firming and smoothing it the skin. Most of eye bag and wrinkle removal takes place in the first 15 to 30 minutes. It’s dry in about 10 minutes but continues to pull for up to a full hour to virtually remove most if not all of the wrinkles, eye bags, lip lines, forehead creases and deep facial sagging and lines!
Do not use Any skincare or cosmetic underneath it less it’s entirely rubbed in so nothing on the skin surface. This is necessary so the INTREPID base-coat can attach completely to the skin.

As you may know, another company brought out the instantly ageless product which exploded their company because the results were so shocking a transformation so quickly seen. However, the irritation was severe for many people. Then other companies tried to follow with look-alike products which also had some serious issues. Those similar eye bag and wrinkle treatment products would start to go white in color in a few hours on many people and also to crack and peel in only about two hours or so.  It makes the user in many cases look terrible. Also, they could not use any water base cosmetics or lotions or colors over it or it disintegrated into an unsightly looking mess on their face.

The Sisel products and system will be called “INTREPID”. There will be the Intrepid base, Intrepid activator, and Intrepid remover products.

As I demonstrated it to the Australian distributors (some with the very worst eye bags I have ever seen and the deepest wrinkles) the results were incredible. At Each meeting, I held where we took before and after pictures. Those pictures were sent around to other distributors so they could collect enough of them to use.
Sisel Intrepid may make the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags seem to disappear forever. My advice is to use it on clear skin without any product underneath it.  Understand it is not necessary to remove it at night but a person may want to do so and use the products.

Once Intrepid is dry you can put color cosmetics or anything over it and it won’t affect it. The longer you wait the better because the products except quite aggressively for about 15 or 20 minutes but cures completely at an hour

As you can see this is a simple system but there’s a lot to be said about it because I believe this may well be the most dynamic product ever introduced in the history of MLM.

However, I see this as much more than just a fad, for as you know similar products from other companies come and go because the results most often our hypothetical and not seen or felt by the masses, so once the momentum created by the enthusiasm of what the product might do is gone the companies collapse. You’re seeing this in Noni, Monavie, Xango, and many others. This will be a patented product for us and the results will be so powerful that you can see every day, that women and yes-men too will not want to start their day without it

So of all the products that I’ve ever introduced in the history of MLM I believe this may be the giant one of them all. Sisel just as in Greek mythology, IS … “RELEASING THE KRAKEN”!!
Only this one is real and it will devastate the competition!”

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