The Workout Validation Principle

Yesterday’s workout doesn’t count unless you are validating it with today’s workout. Therefore, today's workout doesn't count unless you workout again tomorrow.  

I like to think of it like this; today's workout is essentially a waste if I don't go tomorrow.

I'm not a big believer in the popular idea that working out three days per week is the way to go.  I think a minimum of five workouts per week are what is needed to start getting fit even for beginners.

Without consistency, there is no way to validate your workouts.  

The 3 Main Aspects of Validation

1.  Specific exercise and strength validation.  This is where you are working on improving each movement or skill.  For example, you work on shoulder presses once or twice per week so that you get stronger.  

You have to keep working on this or the improvements will start to slowly lessen.  Any skill or movement that you want to improve upon must be worked on regularly.

If you want to get better at pull-ups, do a whole bunch of pull-ups each week and you will improve.  If you want to get your heart and lungs to be more efficient, you just need to do a variety of different exercises each day.

A few months back, I started doing old school incline sit-ups.  I work abs several times per week, but holy cow, these were tough.  I set out to do 5 sets of 25 reps.   

To make it easier, I spread them out over the course of my workout.  If you've done these you know that they  work more than abs.  They also work your hip flexors which connect from your upper thighs to your lower abs.

The more I did them, the easier they became.  Make sense right?  I got to where I could do them faster and without as much rest in between sets.  

Fast forward to today and I haven't done them in about four weeks.  I tried them the other day and they were really tough.  Almost as tough as the beginning when I first started doing them.  

My abs are still fairly strong.  I"m working on other moves and improving on them.   I'm not validating incline sit-ups, but now I'm validating other ab movements.

2.  General fitness validation.  With this aspect, you don't have to work on the same exercise or skill regularly.  As long as you are consistent and keep doing a variety of exercises and movements, you'll continue to improve or maintain your fitness.

Your strength may start to lessen with certain movements and your endurance might lessen with certain movements, but overall, because of continues activity you'll maintain your fitness at a minimum.  

Of course you have to exert yourself to a certain degree, but provided you do that, overall you'll become more aware of your fitness.

As long as you do a variety of exercises on a consistent basis, you will improve overall.  This will actually lead to some improvements in the more specific exercises and movements.  

This is simply a bi-product of having better overall fitness, flexibility and awareness of your overall ability.

3.  Consistency validation.  This is the most important and most misunderstood. Misunderstood is perhaps not the best word to use.  I think it's misunderstood because so many people can't find that "magic pill" that will fuel their mind and body to be regular and consistent.  

Consistency is simply just a decision away.  Very simple statement, but very "heavy" for so many people.  I've been on both sides and also, maybe, in the middle.  

The middle is not a fun mental place to be.  You're working out some days, but you're not even close to being regular.  Even though you're going, it's difficult to go.  You're trying to decide if it's worth working out regularly.

The good news is (if you're in that middle ground), since you are working out a day or two per week, you're much closer to deciding to be consistent than some beginner who doesn't work out yet.

Keep at it and Don't Give Up

The whole key is to develop a routine to get you to feel bad when you miss workouts and to feel super accomplished after you complete each one.

Validation and consistency go hand in hand.  In this case, validation isn't a one time event.  Your validation expires daily and must in turn be renewed daily. 

FREE Workout Program

If you don't have a workout program to follow or maybe you are looking for something new.  I have developed a medium to fast paced program that is highly effective and adaptable to home or a gym.  It is called 3 X 3 Matrix Training.  There are three exercises in each matrix with three reps each and there are three rounds.  Get it here.

About the Author Health Wealth

I'm just an average 40 something guy with a family who wants to help people get fit and healthy. I have a bachelor's degree in Physical Education (UTEP 1991) and a Master's degree in Kinesiology (Sam Houston State University 1993) I became a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) in 1994 from the National Athletic Trainer's Association. I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 1999. I have worked out (mostly) in some form or fashion since high school. I'm not super fit and I don't have a six-pack. I've don't Spartan and a few other obstacle races.  I've done home fitness DVD's and worked out at gyms. I'm not a runner or a Crossfitter. I don't eat perfectly, but do understand it's importance. There are too many people who are not healthy and too many people who don't know how to enter the fitness world.  There are too many personal trainers that are not qualified to work with people, especially beginners. There are too many false thoughts, gadgets, and expectations and I want to guide people down the right path so that they have success. If I share a product or service with an affiliate link, I either use the product or know the product. I don't know everything, but I know a thing or two.

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