Transfusium Anti-Aging Cream


Years of exposing your skin to harsh and toxic chemicals in many commonly used skin, hair and facial products can now be repaired.  Transfusium is the result of many years of testing and research to find the right ingredients that are scientifically based and proven to be effective.  If you are looking for youthful, vibrant skin and if you are wanting to know which anti aging products are safe, then Transfusium by Sisel International is the right product for you.  It is gentle yet powerful on getting rid of wrinkles, cracks and age lines.  Your skin will be smoother and softer.

Transfusium is a unique, one of a kind anti-aging product:

  • It Contains 24 highly active ingredients
  • Comprehensive and well rounded effect on all aspects of your skin
  • Telomere support
  • Contains 3 plumpers that give the skin a fuller and more luxurious look

As with all Sisel International products, Transfusium is backed by science and is manufactured with the Sisel Safe pledge to be free from potentially harmful ingredients.  You can be sure that is science says that a certain number of units are needed, Transfusium will have at least that many if not more.

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